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Support during the

Coronavirus Outbreak

Cultural abuse doesn't stop for COVID-19. The number of cases of domestic violence is rising, women and children are being thrown out of their own homes, while the number of families in financial crisis increases rapidly.

African women and their families truly need us now, more than ever.


Even during this time of crisis,

Fight for the Dignity of African Women and Children are still here to support you. 

We’re responding to coronavirus by giving African children and families urgently needed grants to buy food, nappies, school supplies and other essential items to make life better for their children.

The government lockdown has also seen violence and abuse rise amongst African families and many women and children in isolation are in danger. We provide emergency accommodation for families. 


If you are experiencing or being threatened with domestic violence, sexual, mental, verbal or emotional abuse.

We are here to help 24 hours a day. 

Call, Text, Whatsapp: 07886 561299 

Email: hello@fdawc.org

If you or someone you know are in immediate danger do not hesitate, call the police, dial 999.

We are waiting for your call.

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All donations big and small mean we can continue to fight for victims of cultural abuse.

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