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Prisca desperately needs your help to get the urgent operation that will save her life

Prisca desperately needs your help... We have started a campaign to help Prisca get the urgent operation that will save her and her sons' life. Will you help? Please donate here: and read her story below

Prisca has been diagnosed with a lung condition that is causing her lungs to fill up with water and her liver is affected too. Two days ago she was told by her doctors that she now has a tumour on her liver and has been warned that this condition may lead to cancer developing in her liver.  The tumour is currently measured at 16x12x15cm. As you can see in the pictures her health has been drastically affected.

For Prisca to live she urgently needs to receive an operation to remove the tumour which will enable her to lead a normal life. The cost is 4500 EUROS (with all the expenses). We have managed to gather 500 EUROS from a charitable person, but we are desperate for the remaining 4500 EUROS. The treatment is possible in Morroco so all the funds will be transferred to the hospital. We have spoken with the doctors directly and she is eligible to receive her operation once all funds have been paid, which will mean your kind donations will not be in vain. Please take a moment to read the paragraphs below which were written by Prisca. Giving any amount will be a step closer to saving her life.

"I have no-one else.  Please help me" I lost my mother in February 2020. After the burial ceremony, I felt a sharp pain on the right-hand side of my stomach and chest and my stomach started to grow in size.  I went to the hospital for a check-up.  The Doctor's results showed that there is water in my lungs and that my liver is affected too.  He added that it is a gastric problem.  I cannot pooh, I cannot eat and I'm in a state of dizziness at all times.  Two days ago, I went back to the hospital to carry out more tests and the Doctor said the disease is turning into Liver Cancer.  This was a shock to me because I was not expecting that bad news.   Wherever you are, please help me.  I have a 7-year-old son and I'm the only person who takes care of him. He is my world.  My mother used to help me look after him before she passed away.  I am begging everyone in the world to come to my rescue.  Have pity on me; the Doctor said I need an urgent operation and I do not have the money.  I have no-one else.  Please help me, I live in Casablanca-Morocco.   Thank you. Prisca Tokpa


We are raising money for Prisca to have the vital operation she needs to save her life and change the circumstances for her and her son.

  • You can give here:

  • We need your help now to make sure her operation takes place as soon as possible — it’s all hands on deck.

  • If you would like to more information about Prisca or our work please email

Though we are faced with challenging times, women like Prisca continue to drive us to help change lives one by one. As this situation changes and evolves, we assure you that our commitment to creating a thriving world for African women and their families.

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