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The Cry of African Women Book Launch

An evening to spark debate! Join us as we expose the unrevealed atrocities of the African culture.

What happens when African cultural traditions go wrong?

As part of the launch of the much-anticipated The Cry of African Women the incredible new book by Brigitte Gambou, we are holding a special evening discussing African culture and it's affect on African families especially women and children at the Mary Seacole Centre in London.

The Cry of African Women aims to be one of the key books that stand on the forefront of speaking against Gender Based Violence in Africa. The book is packed with personal stories of women who have suffered at the hands of people influenced by African culture and traditions.

Such atrocities include:


Domestic Violence

Female Genital Mutilation

Child Marriage

Hyena Practice (Sexual Cleansing)

Death of the 10th Child

The Assassination of Disabled Children Young Women

Buried Alive with the Kingand many more...

These practices often are in secret and are usually sanctioned by the families of the victims, in the name of culture.

The Debate

The debate will be introduced by founder of Fight for the Dignity of African Women Children and author of The Cry of African Women, Brigitte Gambou and our team of expert panelists for the debate shall be asked the following questions:

Why are African Traditions so important? Why are such atrocities carried out in the name of culture?


We invite members of the audience to engage and ask questions to participate in the debate.

The Cry of African Women

On the night we shall be hearing from victims of gender based violence and their experience of African traditions.

The evening will culminate in a screening of the new film 'In The Name of culture' and book signing.


We shall also be fundraising on behalf of FDAWC (Fight for the Dignity of African Women and Children) and all proceeds from the evening will go the charity and provide much needed aid to families damaged by cultural traditions.

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