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Young People Beat Covid-19 !!!

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Join Young People Beat Covid-19 Stress - our online gaming competition via PlayStation to connect with other people and make new friends and win sport clothing vouchers

this is part of our young people life skills development programme. The programme is tailored for young people aged between 9-16.

Our life skills development programmes offers:

Play and Learn

through Mathletics (Maths competition), history and culture (games) with an award ceremony and graduation via zoom

- Online education services - Teaching Maths, English, Science and Cultural Studies

- Online Physical Development Class

Life Value skills development

- Empowering young people by educating and create awareness about modern slavery, drugs, crime and youth violence and it’s effect on the individuals and their families.

- Teaching young people to have strong and positive mindset and also to say to no drug dealers.

- One to one and group counselling is also available.

Find out more here: or send us an email to

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