What We Do

Fight for the Dignity of African Women and Children works tirelessly to stop cultural traditions destroying lives. 


Thousands of African women and children across the world are falling prey to cultural traditions and gender-based violence such as domestic violence, child marriage, rape, sexual cleansing, female genital mutilation and even murder, in the name of culture.




We work with victims to rebuild their lives, the six ways we help are:


  • Providing aid such as shelter, food, clothing and other essential items

  • Safehouses for families fleeing violence 

  • Counselling for the victims of African cultural atrocities

  • Education for children from low-income families

  • Education and training for families about culture

  • Income generation and training activities



FDAWC serve African families in the UK, France, Sierra Leone, Morroco and Ivory Coast. We have teams based in each country and who are available around the clock to help people subject to atrocities stemming from African tradition. We encourage, offering expert advice, counselling and provide support to victims.​

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

is to expose and eradicate the atrocities happening within African Culture.


Our Vision

is to see all African families walking towards freedom from cultural abuse. 

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